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Case Study of Jiangmen Pengjiang Bridge Project

Release time:2019-05-10

Jiangmen Pengjiang Bridge is a cross-region bridge between Jiangmen Pengjiang District and Jianghai District. 100 LED street lights are installed in the whole lighting project of the bridge.

During the construction of LED street lamp of Pengjiang Bridge, Tangliang Photoelectric Installation Team installed the LED street lamp strictly according to the operation process and strictly controlled the quality. On the premise of making a good pre-embedded foundation, the lower nut gasket was used to leveling the lamp pole, and the upper gasket was adjusted with butter to prevent rust. The upper part of the bolt was covered with bolt caps. The perfect combination of exquisite manufacturing technology and fine construction details not only improves the overall aesthetics of LED street lamp, but also prolongs the service life of street lamp.

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