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Learn three tricks to easily distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED wall lamp

Release time:2019-05-10

Learn three tricks to easily distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED wall lamp. Let's cut corners

First, look at glue: If the LED line lamp yellows seriously after one year because of the poor glue material, there are many inferior glue sold in the name of waterproof PU glue on the market, which has poor waterproof performance and is prone to yellowing and darkening. Similarly, the price of the LED line lamp differs greatly from that of the normal waterproof PU glue, and basically the price is more than twice that of the normal waterproof PU glue.

The second trick is to look at aluminum: super thin aluminum is changeable. In the selection of aluminum for LED line lamps, the formal manufacturers will first consider whether the heat dissipation is good or not. Do you think the thicker the aluminum is, the better it is? In fact, the makeup is thicker and the foundation is thicker. It is definitely not. If the aluminum material is not easy to deform and heat dissipate well, it must choose a moderate thickness. Say blindly want the thicker the better, and if the thinner the aluminum line lamp, the better the heat dissipation? NO! The thinner the aluminium material, the poorer the heat dissipation, the easier it is to extrude and deform during installation, so jerry-building is not necessary! Another is a price ratio problem, if you want to have a high performance-price ratio, the manufacturer must control the material well.

Third, look at the lamp bead components: in the industry, packaging manufacturers are so famous, but can you tell if this is the brand chip you got? Some conscientious LED line lamp manufacturers have their quotations which show how good the raw materials are, holding a few cents of chips to sell as large-brand chips, but the price law has always existed, how is it possible? Cheap will buy good? So Xiaobian thinks that good chips are also expensive.

When choosing the manufacturers of LED wall lamp, we should be cautious. After all, if there is a quality problem in the later stage, it will not only produce high cost, but also lose the trust of customers. If conditions permit, it is better to visit the actual production of the factory in person.

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