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What's the difference between a LED line lamp and a wall lamp?

Release time:2019-05-10

In fact, there are some differences between the LED line lamp and the wall-washing lamp. From the existing situation, most of the LED wall-washing lamp and the line lamp are basically used for some outdoor lighting treatment. However, from the appearance, there are more similarities, but basically in the actual installation, if from the surface, it is not too big. There are some differences between the two kinds of lamps, but they are definitely different in practical application. What are the differences between the two kinds of lamps?

Conceptual differences

Generally speaking, LED line lamp is one kind of wall lamp, that is to say, some LED line lamp is not in the scope of LED Wall lamp, such as soft LED decorative lamp. Basically, this kind of product is called LED line lamp.

Installation differences

When the LED wall lamp is installed, it is obvious that they are also equipped with brackets. They should be installed comprehensively according to the requirements of each place. However, such an installation itself can be flexibly adjusted, and also has a large adjustment scale. Such LED line lamps are basically square led wall wash lamps, because they also have brackets, so from the design of the appearance is not particularly isolated.

Differences in characteristics

The LED line lamp is basically a very flexible decorative lamp, which consumes relatively low power and has a very long life. It is particularly prone to bending. Generally speaking, it is a sketch of the outline of those buildings or the production of the whole billboard. In the actual process of making the LED Wall lamp, it is exactly like the light washed like water. Wall surface, mainly used for lighting of architectural decoration, can also be used as a sketch of more architectural contours.

Difference of Lighting Operating Parameters

In the actual use of the existing LED line lamp process, there will be more differences in the use of parameters, such as in the power aspect, the LED wall lamp is basically high-power, and the LED line lamp is basically low-power, so we must pay special attention in this time.

Installation differences

In the process of installation, the LED line lamp is basically installed in the existing way, while the LED wall wash lamp must be installed according to the height of illumination, and there is a certain interval between each wall itself. Only the high-power LED light can do it, and more line lamp, in fact, it is difficult to do it in the installation. To get the installation effect you want, led wall lamp is more difficult in heat dissipation or waterproofing.

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