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A Case Study of Wanziqianhong Hotel

Release time:2019-05-10

Wanziqianhong Hotel is a large-scale theme business hotel. In order to meet the needs of the hotel, Tang Liangguang adopts a solution of the overall collocation of various colors and light effects. The customers send back some pictures of the construction from the site to the project manager of the company. The customers express their satisfaction with these lamps and lanterns, and the customers meticulously carry out the whole project according to the construction details provided by the project manager of the company. Inspection and guidance, the project is completed on schedule.

Customers sent a series of photos of the installation site, giving high praise to Tang Liangguang's LED wall lamp, thinking that Tang Liangguang's LED wall lamp lighting angle is appropriate, lighting effect is good, highlighting the characteristics of the hotel.

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